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We all want to be great
20 February 2020

We all want to be great and don’t know how. How to be great is a question that leads many people astray. Know your greatn…

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The blessing of giving
1 November 2019

The Blessing of Giving

Mark 4:26-29

A father was shopping at the mall with his 16 year old daughter w…

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What was potential has now become a reality
1 November 2019


On the  16th August 2019 Impact for Christ Ministries received the keys to Holyland. It…

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5 September 2018

That’s our problem-we are not truthful to ourselves. Why is healing not taking place? You are a liar. Any addiction you have - cannot go just by wi…

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You can cure your soul by leading it to find meaning in life

Prophet Philip Banda - September, 2018