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05 Sep 2018


That’s our problem-we are not truthful to ourselves. Why is healing not taking place? You are a liar. Any addiction you have - cannot go just by wishing, you got to be truthful. Why are you a chronic complainer? Because you are a chronic liar. Your biggest problem is lying.

Get rid of lying in your life, you will be a different person. You are failing to stop, why? What have you benefited by lying? Lying is the greatest obstacle to receiving help. To start true life- get rid of this counterfeit life. God cannot bless a counterfeit person. Anyone who knows himself - can never fail in life. Anytime you have something that is not truthful in you, your body tells you. The problem with you, you rationalize, you turn a lie into truth. If you spoke truth from the beginning you could have been helped by now.

Do you take notice of your ears/eyes all the time? You know they are there. Why is it when you go into a crowd, you want to be noticed? You are sick. You want to be noticed because you are a pain to yourself. When somebody comes here and shows off, they are in pain. Be stable, be calm. And being calm should be everywhere-wherever you go - you are calm. You are failing to change your character because you have a formulated a particular image of yourself which is based on falsehood.

To stop anything you don’t love in your life, that is hindering your character growth, stop lying. If you had permitted some friends - who were speaking truth to you, by now your character could have changed. Healing, blessing and success, you are standing in the way of God doing them. God wants to do something in your life but your lies are blocking. You are blocking God. He cannot force Himself. In stopping lying, then you will see that you have a character that no one knows about, a genuine character from God.

Because of lies your personality we have not yet seen it and you have not known it. You are busy cementing your personality with lies. What if on God’s side you got a gift of poverty? But you want to be rich, how? This blessing comes from God, others to have and others not to have. Pray more and God will tell you; you don’t have to have this. Be absolutely truthful with yourself.

Why do you refuse, when people say - you are a failure? Success has got its roots in failure. If you have never failed – you have no success. It is not a wrong thing. You- you are running far away from failure. This world - to correct it- we need everyone to speak the truth and it should start from/with you. Bible says distance yourself from falsehood because if you don’t distance yourself from falsehood, falsehood will distance you from God.

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