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Frequently Asked Questions

  • will I see the man of god prophet philip banda?

    All visitors who would like to see the Prophet will have to complete and send the application, supporting documents and it is mandatory to lodge at Shiloh Retreat as there is no specific time or date to see the Man of God.

  • do we pay to placed on prayerline?

    No, prayerline and church services are free and no one is authorized or permitted to collect or demand money from you.

  • what are the arrangements for meals, transport and accommodation?

    Your accommodation will be at Shiloh Retreat (ministry's accommodation) located in Chartsworth and is about 50 kilometres from the church. Transport between Shiloh Retreat and church premises and all your meals during your stay will be catered for.

    Pick up from the airport/bus station would be arranged with you at no extra cost after you forward us the travelling itinerary.

    Payment for your stay at Shiloh Retreat will be required on arrival (cash) and we ONLY accept South African currency (Zar).

    For more information on price please click here...

  • how long do visitors stay?

    We advise all visitors to stay a minimum of three days (Friday - Monday) as there is no specific time/date to meet the man of God. You are welcome to stay longer than three days.

  • how will I be identified on my arrival?

    A church representative will receive you on arrival and he/she will have a placard with your name on it.

  • will I need a visa?

    Yes, except neighbouring countries such as Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia e.t.c. Please inquire with your embassy before you make any travelling arrangements.

  • can I visit my family members or go shopping?

    No, for security reasons, however, you are welcome to meet your family or shop on the date of departure.

  • if I am unable to send the application form, can I still visit?

    Yes, you are welcome to visit and fellowship with us at no 8 Smal Street, Marshaltown, Johannesburg, South Africa. However, you will not be received as a guest.

  • what is the climate like and what clothes will I need to take?

    Please note that we have four seasons in South Africa namely summer, winter, spring and autumn. We usually experience cold weather from March to September and the other months are warm. Please inquire first with us before you make any travelling arrangements. There is no dress code required, however, we advise that all visitors should dress appropriately and presentable.

  • can I email or phone home?

    Yes, there is free WiFi at Shiloh Retreat and you may purchase airtime and a South African sim card. If you have WhatsApp you can connect via WiFi.

  • If you live in the Gauteng Province and would like to visit us

    All local visitors and Impact for Christ Ministries members are welcome to fellowship with us at No 8 Smal Street, Marshaltown, Johannesburg, South Africa.

    Please note that the application form is ONLY for international and provincial visitors.

    Any application for a local visitor(s) will not be responded to.

  • impact for christ ministries contact details


    Tel: (+27) 11 334 4197


Please complete the Application Form.


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