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Why Am I Poor? | Prophet Philip Banda
1 March 2024

We are school educated but not financially educated. 

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2024 Prophetic Points | Prophet Philip Banda
9 January 2024

Do you see anything good in you? You qualify to be joyful. Your faith has ju…

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October 2023 Prayer & fasting | Key Takeaways | Prophet Philip Banda
31 October 2023

* The October Prayer and Fasting month has revealed that we do not truly know the God of Israel. …

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Connecting Back to God: The Discipline of Fasting | Prophet Philip Banda
24 October 2023

Prophet Philip Banda opened the Sunday service to encourage the congregation and to provide them with a strategy on how to approach the month-long …

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You can cure your soul by leading it to find meaning in life

Prophet Philip Banda - September, 2018

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