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If the fire was meant to consume you, why are you still living?

24 Feb 2020

If the fire was meant to consume you, why are you still living?

You have what it takes to overcome, those who are with you are more than those against you and what matters is where God is taking you to, not where you are coming from.

Thank God for calming the storm and run to God and not to the arm of flesh. God will do the unexpected and he also has a future for your situation . “You are born in this world for a purpose.You wanna bring something new in this generation.

Pray and prophesy salvation, peace, unity and prosperity over your family and nations, since restoration had come and losing hope wouldn’t be a wise choice. Blessing chases a Christian and that if one honours God, his/her descendants would be blessed.

Like Nicodemus in John 3:1-2, to find out truth about a person, their situation and what they have heard before reaching a conclusion. John 8:32 corroborates, “You are failing to progress because you have not found out the truth.”

God chooses what situation we must go through, He also uses our failure to conform us to the image of his son, Jesus Christ. John 11:40 - looking at a dead Lazarus, it is too early to murmur or complain, your circumstance may be bitter but Jesus will make it better.

In relation to Daniel 3 v 10, “If the fire was meant to consume you, why are you still living?” - “It is for your promotion.” Do not to talk about your struggles but rather about a way out, not to be impatient but hold on to the truth that situations come and go - none is permanent.

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