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Learning how to pray!

Have you prayed? 

27 Mar 2022

Learning how to pray!

You talk about prayer but you don't pray. You cannot know God if you do not know how to pray. The foundation of God’s kingdom is prayer. 

You cannot show off if you are a man or woman of prayer because God shows you everything. All the blessings of heaven, abundance of heaven can only come down to reach you by prayer. 

From the time God called Moses in Egypt, Moses prayed. You, God has called you, promised you abundance, and things beyond imagination - have you prayed? Or you think it’ll just happen?

When he called him in Egypt, Moses asked God what he had to say to the people.

Exodus 3: 11-13 

Moses didn’t hide from God because he knew that God knows everything. Have you been open with God concerning your weakness or you’re overlooking your weakness, hoping God will bless you? 

Why should God touch your weaknesses if you haven’t told Him?

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