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STAND in tough times!

God is staying stand! Don’t move out of the position that God has put you in.

25 Jun 2023

STAND in tough times!

A lot of people are living a life of easy living - soft life - there's nothing like that. What is affliction? It is pressure that comes from the circumstances you find yourself in. You have done everything, there’s nothing wrong that you’re doing, just stand. You, not having money, there is nothing wrong. You, getting sick, there’s nothing wrong…just stand. That’s your circle of affliction.

You have obeyed God, you have done everything you were supposed to do…what else are you supposed to do? Just stand A lot of us, instead of standing, we run away - that’s your choice, not God’s choice. Stand means having done all to be present. After standing, don’t be absent. A lot of your friends, when you’re in trouble, they don’t show up - fakeness. They don’t stand! They are mouth friends. 

A lot of us, Christians, when pressure has been applied to you, you fail to be where God has assigned you to be. God is staying stand! Don’t move out of the position that God has put you in. The Lord is talking about battle and Paul, by the grace of God is talking about standing. Many many believers fail to meet the challenges that are presented to them. It is vital for our generation to pass the coming tests for the sake of the coming generation.

Characteristics you need to STAND: 

  1. Do I give up easily? - The rule is when you start something, finish it! You don't repair a plane in the sky, it has to land first. Mark 4:1-7. There's nowhere in the world where somebody will come and say I'll make you rich except Jesus. All those who succeed will tell you to work hard, they won't tell you how. There are so many distractions around us. Some of us quit marriage. Some of us quit parenting. Why do you quit in situations of conflict? This is the secret of all human beings - Psalm 58:3. Easy living is a lie, working hard is at the core of being a good man or good woman. In life, it gets bad every now and then, it’s not bad always. 
  1. Do I tell the truth? - Most people lie almost about everything. Previously people use to do business face to face, but now people do business by phone, email, internet, WhatsApp, tik tok and it makes it very easy for people to lie. Why do we lie? - maybe for two reasons: 1 - maybe I am ashamed of something. 2 - I’m trying to get something by lying because I can't obtain it in a righteous way. We all make mistakes, lie no more.
  2. What is my purpose? - We all need challenges in life. If you don't have a challenge, your life will be hopeless, useless, zero. What will cause you to wake up in the morning if you don't have a challenge? Anyone who doesn't have a challenge won't stand in the evil day, the day of trial, afflictions, challenges - they’ll collapse. What can you fight for when you don't have anything to fight for? 

     4. Do I love? - Loving others enriches you.

  1. Am I in control of me? - You are strong when you can rule your own spirit. Fathers, and leaders in this ministry, you must be in control of yourself. You have to be in control of your anger. You have to be able to control your anger and your attention. You have to be in control of your laughter. Proverbs 25 : 28


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