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28 Jun 2021


A happy life, isn’t that what we all want? So, presumably, we have a clear idea of what happiness is. Ask yourself whether you have ever actually seen a happy man. He May look happy enough but this answer is extremely superficial.
You must go and ask these people themselves; it is no good asking one person about the other, you must ask each one how he himself really feels. They will let the secret; they are not happy. They may have achieved riches in a strictly limited and limiting sense but when it comes to happiness, they are still very far. Jealousies and lusts disturb their peace of mind. Domestic troubles are rife.
Jealous, lust, and status seeking brings man's downfall. There is no happiness in the world in material things, there is only happiness in spiritual concerns. The one who enjoys a rich spiritual life is happy. There is no other kind of happiness in existence.
The one who needs nothing that he does not have - he is a happy person.
No one else in the world is happy and rich but he.
Of course, there is no happiness without goals, drive, and ambition. These things are life itself. But it all depends on what the goals are, to what ends the drive and ambition are directed. Happiness is when goals are attainable, when they depend on no one else for their fulfillment, when they are independent of those self-frustrating urges called jealousy and status-seeking.
When can that be? Only when the ambition flows from the LOVE OF GOD, LOVE OF WISDOM, LOVE OF SCRIPTURES, and the desire for TRUE ETHICAL LIVING.
Shabbat Shalom



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