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We all want to be great

20 Feb 2020

We all want to be great

We all want to be great and don’t know how. How to be great is a question that leads many people astray. Know your greatness in relation to making use of opportunities, this is a message meant to establish one in his/her calling.

There’s a time for everything and we all have different levels of grace. Relating  to the Shunammite woman, who captured her moment by insisting on the Great man of God, Elisha to eat in her house, to open your destiny you need to have sense and not fool around with such a person (Great man of God).

By her insisting on Elisha to eat in her house, she was setting herself into the great plan of God, to be a partaker of Elisha’s greatness, the greatness of being a woman of faith. “God breeds greatness out of the worst imaginable situation a person can go through.”

Citing Psalms 46 v 1,  trouble pushes a person to his/her destiny and God knows the exact pressure to put in order to birth the right future he has for you. Sadly, unlike the Shunammite woman, who didn’t miss her appointment because she knew that Elisha had something only him could give, many people today miss the true role a spiritual mentor has in their life.

While it’s worthy to follow somebody worthy of following, be warned that not every leader will lead you where you have to go. You have to be looking with both eyes for the person whom God has sent to you, invite that person and choose to follow, said the prophet.

Be cautioned  look at your associations and leave behind people who subtract and divide from you, but associate with people who add and multiply to you.


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