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What is the reason that you have been given this day? What purpose does it hold?

02 Jul 2021

What is the reason that you have been given this day? What purpose does it hold?

You are here to know God's will, God’s opinion about yourself.
Are you doing what God said you should do?
With this question, if inside you’re not okay, seek the answer.
You might be running not to Jesus.
You could be at the end of it all, wasted years.
You cannot accomplish much if you’re not doing God’s purpose,
Because whatever you have, you will not carry with you.
Do you have God’s opinion about your life? If yes, follow it.

What is the reason that you have been given this day? What purpose does it hold?
God is not a waster.
There’s a reason why you’ve been given this day - God’s reason.
If you understand God's reason why you been given this day, your life will change.
You are lacking because you don't know God’s purpose for your life.
When you don't understand it, you won't fulfill it.

Those who are in business, why are you in business?
If you are not in business, why are you working?
What is the purpose of working?
This question will tell whether you are living a successful life or a chancing life.
You are in business to make money so that you help others.
That's the purpose of your business.
If your business has a purpose, why not you have a purpose?
Each of our lives has a specific purpose.
What is the objective of life? It is to fulfill the purpose.
If you don't know the purpose, what are you doing with your life?
Understand it, and then fulfill your purpose.

Do you know that you are a franchise of God?
Ask yourself, “What type of franchise am I?”
If a franchise is not going by the rules and regulations, they close it, ask God!
When you woke up this morning, you recognized that this is another day, which means God has given us a new day, and hope to make the most of it.
Your franchise yesterday didn’t make money, but God has given you a new day.
God has given us a mission for the next 24 hours.
New hope, new day, new opportunity.
What did you learn from the last 24 hours that we can benefit from?
When you know your purpose, you’ll make sure your living is leading you to a successful life.
How many people here can say, 'my living is leading me to a successful life?'
Until now, you don't know the meaning of your life - you are just dressing clothes on your body, which is not life.

All of us, born, have the power to choose success in every situation.
Even when people are against you, where there’s hatred, animosity - you choose success.
You have the power to choose success but what have you been choosing?
Whatever situations you find yourself in, they all contain purpose.
No one will hinder you to succeed because these are principles of God.

Genesis 39: 1-2
The Lord was with Joseph and he was a successful man.
Joseph was a slave, separated from his brothers, without a friend in the world to name - the bible crowns him with a title, "successful".
What is success?
Joseph, rather than giving up, rose to the top under any circumstance.
Joseph never lost hope, nor did he become bitter and blame others.
Joseph simply made the best of every situation.
Joseph never cried because of a situation.
How do you become a boss in a foreign land?

From Joseph, we can learn one of life’s important lessons: A person can choose success or failure in any life's position. When successful people face challenges, instead of complaining and murmuring, they think, 'how can l make the very best of this situation?'
Successful people realize that every encounter, good or seemingly bad is part of the bigger, purposeful, master plan.
God is a God of purpose. God cannot use your plan to bless you.
What is God saying? - That’s where success is.
God blesses the humble.

If a person wants to live successfully, the purpose of life consistently needs to be at the forefront of his mind.
Why do you spend time thinking and discussing mundane, ordinary, and temporary affairs of life?

Why don't you think thoughts of true reality; such as:

1. What am l?
2. Why did l come to this world?
3. What is it that God wants from me?
4. What will be the end result of my life?

Stop for some time each day, free yourself from all other thoughts and only focus on the above questions.
One who answers these questions properly is within reach of successful living.
You can't ask these questions and remain poor - these are reality questions.
All this time until now, you have been living in perpetual slumber.
No principle, no objective, no vision, no nothing - and you want to be rich?

Why awaken much later on when it will be most difficult to do anything?
Why should you spend your last days in utter regret?


I won't allow this to happen to me!
In Jesus' name!
I need in my heart more of God's word,
I need in my heart more of God's faith,
I need in my heart more of God's spirit.
Every vision given to me in Jesus' mighty name shall be fulfilled.

Start your life walking towards success.
You don't collide with success; otherwise, success will crush you.
When we know biblical success, that’s real success.
You buy an expensive phone, a big one, and big television, and you say this is success - who told you?
You cannot give what you don't have?
Every business will pass through the challenges that Joseph went through.
What is your attitude in what you’re passing through?
God checks all that before He can bestow upon you the highest title of 'successful.'

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