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For me, being close to God is what is good
6 February 2023

People don’t just be happy - they just get worn out. 

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Be Prepared with Discipline & Foresight
9 October 2022

Where do you want to go in life and what do you want to become and what choices are you making? 

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We are in a season of Suddenlies!
14 July 2022

We are in a season of suddenlies. We have had three years of misery, torture, and torment. It’s t…

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There's a disconnect!
14 June 2022

We have to acquire knowledge of holy scriptures to conquer all our battles. We came from a distant world. We are not of this world; that’s why ever…

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The deeper the foundation, the taller the building.

Prophet Philip Banda - September, 2018


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