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Do you know the blueprint for your life?

We are failing because we are not taught how to overcome in life. Are you a blessing in this generation and in the generation yet unborn? If not, what are you waiting for to become a blessing? Have you got a solid foundation? When you got a solid foundation, nothing can move you. 

10 Nov 2021

Do you know the blueprint for your life?

When you have a blueprint you stop living a life that is cosmetic, that is not genuine. When you have a blueprint of your life you’ll have the determination to achieve in excellency, and you always look out for doors of opportunity because you know who you are.

You've been too ordinary for too long. The mind is the standard of the person. Genesis 37: 19 That’s the goodness of dreamers, they make everyone upset. 

Joseph, at 17 years old, had a dream. What separated Joseph throughout all scriptures was only a dream, then everything fitted him. If God wants to bless you, change you, help you, He gives you light. When you see that light you can never be the same. If Jesus does not let you see something you cannot see it. 


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