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Inside, you're a Christmas tree!

You hide in your clothes, but inside you’re a Christmas tree. You waste your years covering up. You, yourself are watering what should die.
11 Jan 2022

Inside, you're a Christmas tree!

When you were born and started growing up, somebody, somewhere called you a name; that was not you.
You were told:
"You are stupid, you're an idiot, you're dull, you’ll never make it, no one will marry you, you're not beautiful, you are ugly (etc)."
You were called something and right now you are struggling to get it off. All your confidence was shattered. All you're trying to do now is to forget but it's refusing to go.
Words have got a power. Pretense has covered all this and you want God to bless you - zero. Words spoken, knowingly or unknowingly have an effect. Every word produces.
Luke 1: 37
When you have God, this impossible situation becomes possible. You are the way you are by choice. Don’t blame anyone; there is an answer but you choose not to take it.

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