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We are in a season of Suddenlies!

God says, "I will bring what has resisted you for too long to a sudden end."

14 Jul 2022

We are in a season of Suddenlies!

We are in a season of suddenlies. We have had three years of misery, torture, and torment. It’s time for something that is sudden - Quick.

This suddenly will open the door that gives us madness of breakthrough. Awkward breakthrough; you don’t know what to do, you say this is crazy.

God wanna do a sudden work. You, who is religious, wanting everything to be in order, to put what and what and cross everything out before it happens, forget it.

While you are still fasting, suddenly. While you are closing your eyes, you open your eyes. This is crazy man.

Romans 9 verse 28. He will finish the work and cut it short in righteousness. So, the Lord is saying to you this morning, I want you to hear my voice, I’m going to finish that work and I will cut it short. The idea of righteousness has got to do with God doing something the right way.

Sudden means how fast the problem is resolved. It will be sudden. Don’t look at "I don’t have money, I don’t have work, I don’t…." Is there anything too hard with God?

He can give you a woman, give you work, give you a house, give you a car, suddenly! We have to stop your enemy and it should be sudden stopping. To destroy an enemy, it should be sudden. 

You have to bring your enemies to a sudden end. Then, you'll start having a fruitful, fulfilled life. With your enemy intact forget about this. You need God’s intervention.



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